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I have a 125g tank set up on a Rena XP3. I have had it for 12+ years. It has been on auto pilot for 10 years. Just water changes every other month. I had many babies and every thing was going well. It even made a move from one house to the next with no issues. All of a sudden Saturday we stated losing fish. Filter as running and temp was still good at 72. Thought maybe it was a fluke. By Sunday afternoon I had two fish left. These were 10+ year old yellow lab cichlids in good health. I went to run a water test and my test kit was so old I had to order another one. I did a 50% water change, did not clean the filter. Thought it would be too much shock. Today I got my new test kit in nad not ONE level was off. Even a little out of the norm. Nothing. Today I lost the last two fish that were in there. Now I have an empty 125g tank. My kids are super devastated as am I. Any help would be appreciated.


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OB Guy

Did you do anything to to the tank or make any changes recently? Have you added any new fish recently? What were the readings on ammonia nitrates and nitrites?

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I see your water temp is 72 that's real low for Cichlids it should be at least 78. I keep all my Cichlid tanks at 82. Did you quarantine the new fish? It's possible they may have been sick and caused the problem.