Stocking Question


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Hello everyone. I have a 75gallon tank set up right now with the following:
Fluval FX4
Sand substrate mixed with CaribSea Coraline crushed coral
2 Aqueon 300w heaters
2 12" airstones
1 Taiwan Reef
1 Electric Blue Ahli
1 Blue Moori
2 OB Peacock
1 Strawberry Peacock
2 Yellow Labs
1 Sunshine Yellow Peacock
1 Venustus
1 Livingstoni
1 Blue Peacock
And 1 more cichlid that I have no clue what it is. It looks like another venustus but not at the same time

My water parameters are the following:
Ammonia- 0 to .5ppm
Nitrate- around 10 ppm
Nitrite- 0 ppm
GH- 150 ppm
Chlorine- 0 ppm
KH- 80 ppm
PH- 7.4

I have been told to overstock the tank to keep aggression down so I am looking to get more fish into the tank. Does anyone have any ideas of fish that would work with what I have. I really want to get a Yellow Tail Acei (Pseudotropheus Acei) but I'm not sure if that will work with what I have. Any thoughts or suggestions would be nice.

OB Guy

Overstocking has helped me with the aggression problems in all of my tanks. I wound up with male OB Peacocks and other Peacocks and a few Bristlenose in my 125 gallon aquarium with a lot of fake rock caves spread out in the tank and it's been pretty peaceful since then. I do have 2 Blue Cobalts in there and they have been causing problems though and I'll be taking them out tomorrow and moving them to a different tank. I also have 2 Yellow Labs in the 125 and they've been fine. Throughout the years I've found things can change in a hurry in a African Cichlid tank and what was working can suddenly change. It also seems that what works for some doesn't work for others so it's trial and error for the most part. Welcome to the forum.