Please Help My Parrot Fish is Acting Strangly


I have a Parrot fish that just started to lay down on the gravel and doesn't move. Some history of tank. My Peacock Cichlid died for no apparent reason about 2 weeks ago. I cleaned tank up and we purchased a Green Terror and put in tank. The Parrot fish has chased the green terror all over the place ever since up until yesterday. I thought he was finally accepting his new roommate. Today all of the sudden he is laying on the bottom of the tank barely moving. I opened tank to check on him and he jumped up and went into his cave. So I sat back down. A few minutes later he's back out there laying down barely moving. So I went and tested tank conditions which are: pH 8.1, Ammonia 0.5, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate 5. The tank has been running for a little over 5 years. Our biggest problem with it has been keeping the pH up. He just got up again and is hiding in the corner. My husband says that he's been racing around stealing the food from the green terror and the bristlenose pleco.


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The fish looks pretty bloated, can you move it to a tank by itself? It's usually not a good outcome when they lay on their side on the bottom of the tank.


Some of that may be picture angle. He does seem bloated, but not quite as bad as picture looks. Is there a specific food that causes bloating more than others? I know these guys love the algae tablets I put in for my bristlenose. I have a hard time getting one to where the bristlenose spends most of his time because my cichlids try to eat them. Is there anything I can do to help him? He's also getting API Tropical pellets and occasionally some shrimp pellets. I've seen where people give feed them peas, but since neither my husband nor myself eat peas, we've never kept them in the house.


Follow up to this - the parrot fish died, and every other fish in the tank died within a couple of days even though they were not showing any symptoms prior. I ended up tearing apart aquarium completely, removed substrate and all decor items. I then restarted the aquarium, but husband won't let me buy anymore cichlids for now anyway. It was a very hurtful loss as that tank held both of our favorite fishes.


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Sorry to hear about your loss! and I get the tank thing, I just recently lost my eldest betta that like got me started in the hobby... Im not going to lie I balled like a baby over a fish lol and havent been able to stomach moving any of the other bettas in there so its being used as a grow out tank for now