Please Help ID Cichlid I Am Having Doubts


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Hi I purchased this cichlid at a pet store as a Uaru ($25.99) it is about 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Please help ID I am having doubts. Cant tell you how long I been trying to get my hands on a Uaru wanted more than one but when I saw this one and it was labeled Uaru I didn't hesitate, that may have been my first mistake but hopefully not. Any way the reason that I am having doubt is because of the blue eyes and the blue developing on the underside of the cichlid. I have not seen any pics of Uaru displaying this color, so am I right its not a Uaru or am i mistaken and it is? Thank you so much for any help. Hope the pics are good enough to help, he wouldn't sit


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It doesn't look like a Uaru but it's hard to say because the fish is still small and may change as it gets bigger. It almost looks like a Convict hybrid of some sort. Welcome to Cichlidaholics Cichlid Forum.


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Thanks for the reply but I am pretty sure it isnt a Hybrid it comes from a well know aquarium store. My guess was a Cichlasoma spilurum but again not sure. And thank you for the welcome.