My New Found Hobby


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So been looking for a hobby for a bit, like couple years. I'm outdoors type by nature, fishing huting, camping hiking, so on so forth. Decided during this boring winter i'd try and start a little 5 gallon in my office, couple fish, some rocks..
Little did i know I found a rabbit hole. While looking in i managed to fall inside.......while down there, i found pandoras box and opened it....smh
I started a 29 long, planted tank....
No plan, just went at it....started learning plants and picking fish and thats when everything changed...ive learned alot, but decided my Showfish had to be chosen first..after much deliberation...Apistos caccatoides....stole my heart!!
Decided Apistos, dwarf honey gourami, cory cats, algea eaters, cardinal tetras, and some harley quinns..

Started learning about them and what they like, ripped the whole tank apart and redid it...much happier...started getting the fish and enjoying....had all but my Apistos for couple weeks now...had to order them, and finally just picked up my pair on Friday.


In the last week I went out and bought another 29 for my house this time and all the supplies ....plans of it helping us deal with the down time and using it as my Corona Project..
Just finished...letting it cycle and will get the same mix..
Cant wait20200304_113845.jpg20200317_101332.jpg20200321_192824.jpg20200322_092733.jpg20200320_122908.jpg20200322_100852.jpg