Mdoka and Mbuna Tank Mates


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Would a Placidochromis phenochilus "Mdoka" White Lip be ok in a Mbuna aquraium as tank mates? From my research they are a peaceful cichlid so I'm just wondering if they'll be able to hold their own.

OB Guy

I've kept Mdoka and Mbuna in the same aquarium and they got along fine. The fish were small and about the same size (2-3 inches) when I added them to the tank. A lot will depend on the size of your aquarium, the size of the fish and having plenty of hiding places. When I did this the fish were in a 55 gallon aquarium for about a year. As they started getting bigger I moved them to my 125 gallon tank and they still seemed to do fine together. I've also found that my Cichlids seem to get along much better in a aquarium with a lot of fish in it. I have several aquariums set up so I can always move fish if they're not getting along with each other but rarely have to. If you do try it I would look for Mdoka's that are a little bigger than your Mbunas and use a 55 gallon or preferably larger aquarium with plenty of hiding places. If you try it let us know how it goes. (y)