Marineland Magnum 350 and Magnum 350 Pro Review

OB Guy

I know now days there's a big selection of canister filters on the market and even though the Marineland Magnum 350 and the Magnum 350 Pro are no longer in production you can still find them and all the parts are still available. I have 6 Magnum 350 canister filters and still use 3 of them. The other 3 are new in the box that I bought from a LFS that just wanted to get rid of them. I bought my first Magnum 350 over 15 years ago for a 75 gallon turtle tank I had at the time and the filter is still running strong on my 55 gallon aquarium stocked with African Cichlids. I've never had to replace any parts on the original Magnum 350 and it still has the original impeller after running 15 years non stop. The other Magnum 350 is running on my 125 gallon aquarium as a second filter backing up my Fluval FX6. Before buying the FX6 I was running two Magnum 350 filters with ceramic bio-rings in the media basket and my water was always crystal clear with good parameters.

I run both of the Magnum 350 filters with ceramic bio rings in the media basket. I use another Magnum 350 with carbon in the media basket to quickly remove medicine from all of my aquariums after treating. Occasionally I'll use a Magnum 350 with a Micron Filter to polish the water.

The only downside to the Magnum 350 filter is they don't hold very much bio-media. A single Magnum 350 without the bio-wheels is good for up to a 55 gallon aquarium in my opinion.

Manufactures Description and Specifications:

The Marineland Magnum 350 is an efficient, powerful, compact canister filter that is lightweight. It comes packed with the ability to convert with ease from a continuous duty mechanical and chemical utility filter to a water polishing filter with micron filtration capability. The Magnum 350 and the Magnum 350 Pro comes complete with a carbon/media container and water polishing micron cartridge and available in models with and without BIO-Wheel wet/dry filtration. The filter pumps 350 gallons of water per hour and is a workhorse.

The Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter provides up to 350 gallons per hour of water cleaning power. Quiet operation and the ability to customize intake and outflow makes this filter a beneficial addition to both freshwater and marine fish tanks.

The bottom mounted motor is completely sealed and waterproof and carries a three year warranty. Setup of the Marineland Magnum 350 aquarium filter is simple and all filter media is included in the box. Not only is this canister filter exceptional as a regular mechanism for removing debris and waste material from your tank, it can also be easily converted to a water polishing system.

When water enters the Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter, it is forced up through filter media with no chance of bypass. This ensures that the mechanical, chemical and biological filtration maintains maximum effectiveness. Included is a fiber sleeve, activated charcoal and a reusable micron cartridge. This filter can also be used with a bio wheel, which provides the perfect environment for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

All this filter’s technological aspects work together to provide clean and healthy water for your fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Its customization capabilities allow for multiple uses depending upon the particular needs of the fish tank setup.