Lights I'm Using On My Aquariums Aqueon OptiBright and Fluval Fresh and Plant LED

OB Guy

On my 125 gallon aquarium I'm using four 30"-36" Aqueon OptiBright LED lights. Two of the lights are Aqueon OptBright + and two are Aqueon OptiBright Max models. Overall I'm pretty happy with them and considering they're reasonably priced compared to other brands. The downside to the Aqueon OptiBright LED lights is they all use the same frequency for the remote control so there's no way to set the colors or brightness individually. Also if you use the timer on the remote the lights default to 100 percent brightness on the white, blue and RGB settings. To get around this I've set my Blue and RGB set on blue also at 100 percent and have them on the timer and I have the white set on 50 percent and not set on the timer so I have to manually turn the white LED's on and off with the remote.

On my 75 gallon aquarium I use a 4' fluorescent light with a Aqueon T5 full spectrum bulb. In my opinion the T5 full spectrum brings out the colors of my fish better than any LED light I've tried.

On my 55 gallon aquarium I'm using a 48" Fluval Fresh and Plant LED light. It's the original version with no remote or Bluetooth. The Fluval Fresh and Plant LED is the closet color enhancing LED light I've used but to me it's not quite a good as the Aqueon T5 full spectrum fluorescent bulb.

Both of my 29 gallon, my 20 gallon and my 10 gallon aquariums have the Aqueon black plastic tops with the built in LED lights and they actually work pretty well. When I bought them I was a little skeptical but overall they do the job.

I'll be writing a reviews on the Aqueon OptiBright LED, Aqueon OptiBright+ LED, Aqueon OptiBright Max LED and the Fluval Fresh and Plant LED lights.