Knowledge NEEDED!


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Whats up my peoples, I'm Thomas. Currently being I was just able to get back into the Cichlid Life, I only have 2 in a 55gal. Now I'm building a 255gal Malawi River theme tank, YAAAY! ME LOL. Anywho of course this'll be my first tank and since I'm dedicating to my fav freshwater homes, I want the best of everything. Now I work for a glass company so the actual tank itself is going to be basically free, the knowledge I need I whats the best filtration, bedding, im thinking about making my own rock and caves inserts is that a good option? I've been studying, I wanna build them the beat damn efficient artificial lake I can and have the knowledge to care for them. Now as I stated before I have 2 as of right now and have had others in the past so I'm not completely oblivious, I know some and learn more everyday but getting info off the web it all can contradict you guys have the wisdom, please share your knowledge

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You would probably want to go with a good sump system for filtration. Or 2 Fluval FX6 canister filters would do a good job. What type of fish are you planning on stocking the tank with?