Knowing which other Cichlids to add to tank.

Sue P.

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Except the parrots I think all others are the same. Just not sure what they are called and what else I can add.
Tank is 125 gallons and i have 12 in there now.
Hoping the pictures will help.


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OB Guy

Hi. welcome to the forum. I'm not real familiar with Parrot Cichlids but hopefully someone else will jump in with some information for you.


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So I’ve learned most fish with the same disposition can survive together. So aggressive with aggressive and passive with passive.

If those parrots are doing well with the cobalt blues you have I’d say try a few peacocks or a pretty haplochromis as they tend to be the least aggressive


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When I was starting out with African cichlids I was always told not to mix fish from different lakes as they don’t do well together. That just isn’t the case. If you provide adequate space and good quality water they may fight at first but they will establish the pecking order and all is good. I have fish from all three lakes in my tank and all is well most days.