Keyhole Cichlid Pairng


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I have a decent sized keyhole cichlid in my community set up, not sure on the sex? perhaps you can help with the attached photo? ()sorry for poor quality will try again when the helialux is out of the dimming phase.

My question is this keyhole is now about 2 - 2.3inches and alone as its mate died shortly after buying at juvenile size. Should I be looking at getting it a partner or two? It seems happy enough but feel it would be nice for it to not be alone. Only issue is in store they are typically bought much smaller 1 inch roughly. And hard to sex at that size. I know they are hard to sex when small? Should I get one more and risk potential bullying? or is another two smaller ones better and hope for the best? and will the size difference matter?

The tank is a heavily planted 125 litre (30 gal) Juwel Rio 12520220521_205043.jpg

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Keyhole cichlids are hard to sex and even harder when small. I think you would be fine adding 2 or more. Welcome to Cichlidaholics.