Juvenile Green Terror Hybrid? Dropsy?

I have a juvenile Green Terror in a 160 gal that just doesn't look right to me. We have had him for around 5 weeks and had an ich outbreak recently after introduction but was quickly taken care of. Water quality is good, frequent testing and changes, more recent after the ich. This is a planted tank so I don't use salts and depend more on the established bacteria and water changes than additives. The little guy behaves normally but I can't get over his shape. It doesn't look outwardly distended like I have seen but just more...its shape.
hybrid with a parrot?.... which I've never seen but I know they're used with convicts and flower horns so maybe its possible.
I'm looking for some thoughts and advice here. tempImageZiNEF3.jpg

OB Guy

It's hard to say what type of hybrid it is by looking at the picture. Nice looking fish though.