Jewel Cichlid Stocking

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I am planning on stocking a 55 gallon / 210 liter 4 ft tank. In this tank I want to mainly have a breeding pair of Jewel cichlids (Unsure of exact species) I have been doing some research and believe that a pair of blockhead cichlids would be the best match as they would have the defense to survive the jewels attacks and when attacking the jewels they would be unable to due to there buoyancy and speed. Do you guys think this stocking would be ok.
  • 2 x Jewel Cichlid Pair 1 x Male 1 x Female
  • 2 x Blockhead Cichlid Pair 1 x Male 1 x Female

I know the Blockhead prefers more caves and fast flowing water whereas the Jewels are in more slower water, but I think I would be able to pull off the scape ok with enough time.

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Anytime you mix male and female fish you run a risk of having problems. I've also seen it done without issues but usually in large aquariums.