Information and Pictures of My Aquariums and Fish


I have 3 aquariums set up now. A 90 gallon aquarium that is stocked with 2 Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlids, 2 Firemouth Cichlids, 2 Clown Plecos and 3 Cichlids a friend gave me and I'm not sure what they are. A 55 gallon aquarium with several Black Convict Cichlids. And a 20 gallon aquarium I use for a grow out tank for Black Convict Cichlid babies. I'm running a Fluval FX6 on the 90 gallon aquarium a Fluval FX4 on the 55 gallon aquarium and 2 sponge filters on the 20 gallon grow out tank. Thanks to the help and recommendations I got here at Cichlidaholics from @OB Guy a few month ago I went with the Fluval FX6 for the 90 gallon aquarium and a Fluval FX4 on the 55 gallon aquarium and 2 sponge filters for the 20 gallon grow out tank and couldn't be happier with their performance.


OB Guy

Your Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's are some nice looking fish. I've been thinking about getting some but I'd need to setup another aquarium for them and really don't have the room.I still have a Firemouth in my 125 gallon tank that has all African Cichlids and a few Bristlenose. I've tried to get him out a few times but he's to darn fast and I have a lot of decorations in there. He seems to do fine with the OB's and other African Cichlids in there so I just let him stay. :D

I'm glad your happy with the Fluval FX6 and FX4. I've got 4 FX6's here. I originally bought 2 FX6's to use on my 125 gallon tank. I set up one and was letting it run with the 2 Magnum 350's and after a couple months I removed one Magnum 350 and waited to see how the FX6 handled the heavy load in my tank. After 6 months the Fluval FX6 was still flowing strong but I took it apart and cleaned it and it's been running again for close to 6 months. This time I'm going to let it run until I notice a decrease in flow. I bought 2 more FX6's at Petsmart a couple weeks ago when they had them on sale for $249 and plan on setting up a second one on the 125. I'll keep the other 2 just in case I have a problem with one or buy another 125 gallon tank and use them on it.