Hello from Washington State


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Hello everyone.
The fish bug has bitten me. I am loving the new found hobby and Cichlids are so much fun with tons of personality. I started 2 years ago and made some huge mistakes. Haps with Mbunas. Mixed fine till the Hap got so big the Mbunas started becoming snacks. Bought more tanks and separated fish. I got smart about what can go with what and been stalking this site but finally decided to join. I'm not big on forums other than to read, especially when I do not feel I had the experience to help anyone.
I am always looking for other fish keepers, Aquarists or pond keepers in my local area. So if you are in the State of Washington give a shout out.

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Hello James and welcome to Cichlidaholics. The forum is still relatively new but in the last couple of months the activity here is starting to pick up. I'm no expert either and enjoy learning from others regardless of experience. Feel free to jump in and offer suggestions. Glad you found us. (y)


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Hello James from Washington state. I'm also James from Washington state. I too live in a small town in SW Washington.
Amboy, WA.
You haven't been seen or heard from on this forum for a long time.
I was just wondering, are you were still in the Cichlid hobby? How's it going for you?
I started with Malawi Cichlids back in the mid 80's for about three years but left it due to time and money.
I picked it back up again a couple of years ago when my wife chose to get rid of a large piece of furniture.
An entertainment center. I cut the thing apart and rebuilt it into a beautiful rock solid aquarium stand for a 75 gallon tank.
It has a black slate Formica top.
My wife never really enjoyed my new hobby. But was willing to care for the fish when I was out of town for months at a time.
She did a great job with it. But said she'd like to be done with it.
I strive for an over-stocked all male tank. For the most part I did succeed. However baby Electric Yellow Mbuna keep appearing.
Some have actually survived the dinner hour.
I sure enjoyed the hobby but am gone too much. This tank is immaculate and the 26-28 fish are beautiful sub-adults.
Are you or anyone you know Interested?