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OB Guy

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Hello, my name is Rod and I'm a Cichlidaholic. The local fish stores I visit call me the OB Guy hence my screen name on the forum. :D
I decided to start Cichlidaholics Forum for Cichlids All Freshwater Fish and Aquarium Care months ago and finally sat down and got to work on the forum. I'm currently am down to 4 aquariums. My main display tank is a 125 gallon aquarium with mostly OB Peacock Cichlids, a few other African Cichlids and a few Bristlenose Plecos. I'll post more about my aquariums and setups in the Members Aquariums Setup section of the forum.

I also have a golf cart forum since 2005 called Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. I'm looking forward to see Cichlidaholics grow and discussing fishkeeping on the forum.

OB Guy