Fluval FX6 Aquarium Filters

OB Guy

I bought 2 new Fluval FX6 filters a couple days ago and set one up on my 125 gallon aquarium. I used the 2 bio sponges in the top media basket, as many ceramic noodles in middle and bottom baskets that would fit. I took the carbon pad out of the bottom basket and cut my own plain white pad to replace it. I may wind up running both of the FX6's on the 125 gallon tank. I still have the 2 Magnum 350 canister filters and a Fluval U4 filter in the tank. The Magnum 350 filters have ceramic bio rings in the media baskets. My plan is to take the Fluval U4 and the Magnum 350's out in a month or so. I may leave one Magnum 350 canister filter hooked up unless I decide to run both of the Fluval FX6's on the 125.
So far I'm very happy with the new Fluval FX6. :)