Filtration Sufficiency for Oscars


New member
Good evening all! New here and excited to have my first tank up and running in the last decade. I was gifted a brand new 75g with 2-new AC 110 filters running.
I’ve had tanks ranging from 20-125g and typically ran canisters only. However, this whole setup was literally new and more importantly free! I’ve had all sorts of cichlids in prior tanks but never an Oscar. I’m very interested in one or a pair if possible. My main concern however is if the 2-AC 110’s will be sufficient filtration? In theory they should be more than enough I would think, however after some research it seems that Oscars may be rather susceptible to HITH and that even two HOB’s that size may not be enough. Was hoping for the thoughts of those with experience with Oscars. Thanks so much!! I may be more excited to have the tank than my kids! Lol

OB Guy

Hi and welcome to Cichlidaholics. I think the 2 AC 110 filters would work as long as you kept up on water changes. Something like a Fluval FX4 or FX6 canister would be good for that setup.