Cichlid fish and tanks for Sale – No Shipping $40 Minimum


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Cichlid fish and tanks for Sale – No Shipping $40 Minimum

OB Baby cichlids born 7/16 - $4 each or $3 each for more than 5

Eureka Red Baby cichlids born 7/24 - $5 each or $4 each for +5

Mix cichlids blue Regal and Lemon Jake born 9/05 $2 each

Lemon blue eye bristle nose plecos - $20 each.

Also, Male Eureka Red $40 that’s in the sick tank because of eye problem

but doing well with the OB female $30 that needed a break.

Will also sell all 3 tanks/stand and everything else for $850 OBO

Includes around 85 – 100 fry

29 gal, 40 breeder, 75 gal. 3 heaters, 3 filters, 1 75 gal overhang

Filter. About 100 pounds of sand between them. Tank tops and lights.

Several air pumps and tubing. Was planning on raising all to sell.

Homemade tank dividers too that nobody sells for fry.

Just spent well over 1600 a couple months ago. Have to move

Also have a 125 Gallon show tank with all the bigger ones that I might

Sell if I can’t take with me. Fish in show tank $50 each. I have a list of these fish

If you would like to see it.