Breeding Peacock Cichlids

OB Guy

Breeding Peacock Cichlids

When you want to breed Peacock Cichlids one of the first things you need to do is make sure each male has their own territory to prevent conflict.

Fortunately though like other Cichlids, they are fairly straightforward to breed in a home aquarium. If they need encouraging, you can raise the water temperature to 82˚F as spawning typically occurs in warmer water. I keep my water temperature at 82 degrees all the time in all of my cichlid aquariums. Not for breeding purposes but the African Cichlids seem to do well for me in 82 degree water.

Once they have established their territory, typically a cave or larger rock the courting process can begin.

To lure the females into their territory the male Peacock Cichlid will perform at the entrance of his cave or near a rock, other ornament or structure he has established as his territory. This will typically look like the male making quick sudden shuttering movements and darting to get the female Peacock Cichlids attention.

Once the female Peacock Cichlid joins the male, they will enter the cave or hiding spot near a ornament, rock or other structure and the female will lay eggs into the nest. If your aquarium doesn't have substrate (gravel or sand) on the bottom the female will lay the eggs on a rock, ornament or event the glass bottom of the aquarium. The male will fertilize the eggs and the female will then collect the eggs in her mouth. Peacocks Cichlids like most other African Cichlids are mouth brooders and the female will hold the eggs in her mouth. She will stay inside the cave or near structure in the aquarium now until the fry are ready to hatch.

She will stay inside the cave or near structure and incubate them in her mouth for up to 28 days until they hatch. You can expect 10 to 50 little Peacock Cichlids. After the fry have hatched, in an aquarium the female will generally leave them on their own. Thy will become fish food quickly if left in an aquarium with other larger fish.