Bought a New Computer Monitor

OB Guy

After sitting here working on the forum all day I wish I would have bought this sooner. Being a Diabetic for many years my eyes aren't near as good they use to be. The last few months I was noticing my vision getting real blurry as the day went on. The last couple of weeks they were getting worse and I noticed it more while working on the computer. After a hour or so on the computer my eyes would feel like they had pressure in them and then my vision would start getting REAL blurry.

So yesterday I started doing some research on monitors and they say a TN screen is the hardest on the eyes and a IPS screen is easier on them. My old monitor had a TN screen. This new Dell is a IPS screen and is has a "Comfort View" setting so I set it on that right away. What a difference, after sitting here all day working on the forum my eyes fell fine. :cool:

I would highly recommend this monitor to anyone who uses a computer a lot or has eye problems. It's a 27" Dell S2719NX and Best Buy has them on sale for $209. It also comes in a 24" model S2419NX.