Bio media for Mbuna's


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Hi all,
I have some dry skeleton coral rocks and I was woindering, could I break them up into smaller pieces for use as bio media in a canister filter to help maintain my ph? Also will bacteria grow on them?

OB Guy

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I know dried coral can help with raising ph but I've heard beneficial bacteria doesn't do well with it, although I really don't see why it wouldn't. I know people put dead coral right in the aquarium for raising ph but I don't know about putting pieces in your canister filter. Dried coral has a tendency to shed small pieces especially if you break it into pieces to fit in your filter. I would be worried about tiny fragments getting to the impeller. If you did try it in your filter I would use a fine mesh media bag to put in it just to be safe.

What kind of filter are you using? What is the ph level in your tap water?