Aquariums and Filter Setups I Have Running Now Fluval FX6 Marineland Magnum 350 and Sponge Filters

OB Guy

125 Gallon Aquarium is running a Fluval FX6, Marineland Magnum 350, Fluval U4 and 3 large sponge filters for filtration.
55 Gallon Aquarium is running a Marineland Magnum 350 and 2 large sponge filters for filtration.
2 - 20 Gallon Aquariums both running Fluval U4 filters and 1 medium sponge filter for filtration.
10 Gallon Aquarium running 1 medium sponge filter. This aquarium in my new fish quarantine tank.
5 Gallon Aquarium running 1 medium sponge filter. I use this aquarium for a quarantine, holding babies and a hospital tank.

None of my aquariums have substrate in them. I've had a lot of people tell me you need substrate to hold beneficial bacteria but I've never had water issues not using any substrate in any of my aquariums. I just put the Fluval FX6 cannister filter on the 125 gallon aquarium about a month ago. Before the FX6 I was running 2 Magnum 350 cannister filters along with the Fluval U4 and the sponges. I just removed one of the Marineland Magnum 350 filters today from the 125 gallon tank and I'm using it on the 55 gallon aquarium now. I run ceramic rings in the media baskets on the Magnum 350 filters and no carbon.

The 125 gallon aquarium is stocked heavy with mostly OB Peacock Cichlids and other Peacock Cichlid species along with 3 or 4 Bristlenose Pleco's.
The 55 gallon aquarium only has 2 Bristlenose in it right now but I'll be adding some African Cichlids in another week or so.
I mainly use the two 20 gallon aquariums for breeding the 5 gallon aquarium has about 15-20 OB Peacock babies in it that are about a month old now.

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OB Guy

Thanks! The tanks were a little overcrowded when I took those pictures. I moved some of the fish to the 55 gallon aquarium now but haven't had chance to take any pictures of it with the fish in it.