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  1. OB Guy

    Setup Tips and Facts About African Cichlids

    Here are some setup tips and facts about African Cichlids: African Cichlids include some of the most colorful fish money can buy. They are native to three lakes in Africa; Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganika, and Lake Victoria. They most closely resemble our own fresh water perch having the same basic...
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    Cichlid Mouthbrooders

    While many underwater creatures have strategies to protect themselves from harm, such as camouflage, not all have methods for protecting their young, too. Mouthbrooders, however, are well-known for their ability to care for and protect their offspring, largely due to a very unusual technique...
  3. OB Guy

    Tips On Raising Cichlid Fry To Maturity Successfully

    Here's some tips on raising cichlid Fry to maturity successfully. Breeding freshwater aquarium fish can be a rewarding but challenging experience. Read these tips to increase your chances of raising Cichlid fry to maturity. While some species of fish are difficult to breed in an...
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    Vibrant Blue Peacock Cichlid - Cichlidahholics
  5. OB Guy

    Guide for Keeping African Cichlids In Your Aquarium

    Here's a guide with tips for keeping African Cichlids in you aquarium. African cichlids are colorful, delicate freshwater fish that are extremely common additions to aquariums. The name cichlid actually refers to an entire family of fish, and there are many species of cichlid available in a...
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    Maintaining a Healthy African Cichlid Aquarium

    African cichlids are native to one of three lakes in Africa: Malawi, Tanginika and Victoria. A healthy African Cichlid aquarium relies on much more than water quality and temperature. All aspects work together to make sure your fish are happy and healthy. Here's some tips on maintaining a...
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    Cichlid Species That Are Easy to Care For

    The Cichlid family of fish is large, with many different varieties and sizes. Many of them are very easy to keep. In this post I will suggest five good ones to start with. They are, Kribensis, Convicts, Angelfish, Oscars, and African Cichlids. We will discuss each individually. Kribensis...
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    How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Cichlids?

    How many times a day should I feed my cichlids? If a fish is hungry, it will be more aggressive. Therefore, we usually recommend that you feed your Cichlids 2-3 times per day (about as much as they can consume in a minute or two, leaving nothing left), although occasionally it is good to give...
  9. OB Guy

    Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review and Specifications

    Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review and Specifications: After running the Fluval FX6 Canister Filter for two months on my 125 gallon aquarium that's heavily stocked with African Cichlids I thought I'd write a review on the filter. So far I'm very happy with the performance of the Fluval FX6. The...
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    OB Peacock Cichlids and Yellow Lab Cichlid -
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    OB Peacock Cichlids -
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    OB Peacock Cichlids -
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    Small Peacock Cichlids in Breeder Tank
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    Doing Water Changes in Your Aquarium

    Doing regular water changes and how often you do the water changes are a critical part of freshwater aquarium maintenance. Switching out part of your tank’s water allows you to more closely control the level of debris and toxins. To do a water change, you will need to get the fresh water ready...
  15. OB Guy

    Top 10 Reasons Tropical Fish Die in a Aquarium

    Top 10 Reasons Tropical Fish Die in a aquarium Poor Water Conditions: When the water goes bad, fish start to die. Doing Water Changes in Your Aquarium. Stress: Stress caused from adding new fish to your aquarium or from other aggressive fish in the tank. Lack of Tank Preparation: Failure to...
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    Peacock Cichlid Poster
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    OB Peacock Cichlid Painting by Scott Wallace
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    OB Peacock Cichlids
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    Lake Malawi Cichlids and Lake Tanganyika Cichlids Chart
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    Description of Cichlid Species

    Description of Cichlid Species: Cichlids are found in Africa, Central and South America, and a few species from parts of Asia. Central and South America comprises a huge geographic area with greatly diverse habitats ranging from savannas to rain forests. Other types of cichlids are from the...